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Small restaurant available for locals in Budavár with delicious and everyday dishes.

An iconic small restaurant in Buda Castle, the Fekete Holló, has reopened!
The Fekete Holló Kisvendéglő is located in the heart of historic Budapest, in the Buda Castle, in one of the most atmospheric streets of the city, under Országház utca 10. This traditional Hungarian restaurant is a real gem with an authentic atmosphere.

On the menu you will find the treasures of traditional Hungarian cuisine, such as liver dumpling soup, freshly pulled meats, vegetables, strapacska or letcho.
Draft and bottled beers and a strong range of spritzes make the restaurant relaxed, our everyday favorite, with a spacious terrace in good weather.


For the potato dumplings, boil 25 deca of flour with a deci of water and half a deci of hot fat in a Táz, add 25 deca of boiled, mashed potatoes, 2 egg yolks, salt and the egg whites beaten to a stiff foam. He heats fat, dips a small spoon into it, and uses this spoon to cut the dumplings into the fat. When they are already nicely red, he takes them out with a slotted spoon, drains the fat well and takes the crispy little dumplings next to the meat that has been unwrapped from the yarn.

Another specialty of Fekete Holló is the hiking mushroom. 50 deca of cottage cheese with cottage cheese, 5 deka of flour, 5 deka of breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt. Form balls from this mass with wet hands and cook in salted water for 5-10 minutes. Take it out with a slotted spoon and roll it in breadcrumbs toasted in fat and serve covered with powdered sugar or warm butter-sugar sour cream...

/For the Fekete Holló restaurant company, the work of Ernő Bakó at Országház utca 10, 1st district - cast iron, raven-shaped plate with a shield underneath. The company's bird, referring to Mátyás, shows a compact design and a modern way of communication...

June 10, 1987/

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Fekete Holló...(1964)

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Its arched, cool drinker, handwritten menu and Aunt Rózsi, the red-haired cook, both evoke the atmosphere of the old castle pubs. In the summer, they set out the small tables on Országház Street and on the leánder terrace, they discuss the past and the future over good wine. The most popular dish at Fekete Holló, besides the fish soup and the stew, is the rolled tenderloin, but many people also come here from the other side of the Danube to try Aunt Rózsi's famous cottage cheese dumplings. Aunt Rózsi prepares the rolled sirloin by beating the 5 deca slices of sirloin well, sprinkling them liberally with parsley, cracked pepper, grated red onion, salt, chopped smoked bacon and chopped, fat-steamed mushrooms. Then the whole thing is rolled up - like the stuffed cabbage - and tied with twine. He heats fat, turns the meatballs over it, pours enough water to cover the meat and flavors it with a spoonful of mustard and a spoonful of tomato paste. He steams everything until very soft and serves it on the table garnished with small fried potato dumplings.

History since 1930:
Alpek Pál Vendéglője &
Fekete Holló Vendéglő

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